Union Activities

Learn about Hyosung Vietnam's Union activities
Base Union Organization Hyosung Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established in 2012
I. Operational objectives:
Building strong team workers, Base Union executive Board ensures well-functioning representative that protect the legitimate rights and interests of the collective unionists; building harmonious and stability relations, development and boosting the movement for employee.
II. Major missions:
1. Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employee.
- Regularly monitoring the implementation of policies for employees.
- Coordinating with BOD to resolve any complaints of employee about the legitimate rights and interests.
- Always paying attention to the employee’s aspirations to resolve the legitimate aspirations, requirement of the employee and no order to take up collective labor dispute.
- Strengthening the visiting activities, caring for the spiritual life of the employee.
- Enlist support and facilitate from BOD to organize spiritual activities for employees such as cultural activities, sports, and other activities ...to make joyful atmosphere and meet the legitimate aspirations for employee, to strive to implement the tasks of Base Union executive Board.

2. Building strong trade unions:
- Stepping up the movement, developing new union members so that rate of union member over total employee reached 90% or more.
- Regularly strengthening of trade union from the union department.

2015 Long Hai Beach Tour for union member

Rewarding excellent members

Hyosung unionist in music festival of Nhon Trach union

Participating Nhon trach union footbal tournament

Grating prize to winning unionist

Linked unionist

Linked unionist

Linked unionist

Linked unionist

Intertnational Women day sport game

Female Marathon contest

Pack Jumping contest

Tug of war contest

Volleyball match

Volleyball competition