Greetings - We will be the company that stands next to our customers

Hyosung is committed to working together with our customers in

making a better future.

I would like to deeply thank all of our customers for your continued interest and support for Hyosung throughout the years.

Since our establishment in 1966, Hyosung has relentlessly strived to contribute to the development of the Korean economy by pioneering into world markets. Today, we are opening the doors to the future based on our solid foothold as a global company in such areas as textiles, chemicals, industrial materials, power & industrial systems, construction, trade, and information & communication.

Here at Hyosung, we are committed to technological and quality innovation based on our firm belief that technological capacities form the very basis of competitiveness. This ideal forms the basis of our dedication in working around the clock worldwide to make the lives better and more prosperous for all mankind.

Today, Hyosung operates over 70 production facilities and sales offices around the world including Korea, the U.S., Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and Africa, through which we provide specialized products and services that incorporates the various needs of our customers. We continue to strive to become a trusted partner of our customers based on such vast network and commitment. Hyosung further invests in new growth engines for the future that will add greater value to the lives of us all. State-of-the-art carbon fiber and Polyketone that will replace steel in the future, the electronic material industry, next-generation financial infrastructures that enhance the comforts of life – these are just some of the cuttingedge technologies that will enable Hyosung to grow into a leader of innovation in the creative economy of the future.
Hyosung is also actively devoted to making our societies a better place to live in through ethical management and mutual cooperation. Our mission here lies in laying the foundation for creating a better world for all of us to live together in by actively participating in social contribution activities that create jobs and provide support for vulnerable members of the society.

Building further upon our history of challenges that we have taken and the accomplishments that we have achieved over the past half century, Hyosung will continue to take a step further in enhancing our sustainability for centuries to come. These efforts will no doubtedly make Hyosung into a company that is beloved and respected by all. In the process, we sincerely ask for your continued support as we take a bold new step into the future.

Thank you.