Whistleblowing Center

Only with a precious word, we will become an honest and trusted company.

Hyosung complies with laws and regulations through the operation of “information channels” that are accessible not only to employees but also to stakeholders, such as client companies, cooperating companies, local communities, etc., eradicates fraudulent infringement of employees and stakeholders and try to establish a sound trading order.
Please inform in case you have any information about violations such as violations of the company’s employees’ s regulations, prohibited behaviors, violations of laws, etc., as below:
1) Violation of ethical norms and regulations.
2) Corruptions action such as demand for and or receipt of money/benefits.
3) Fair trade violations and other business-related complaints.
4) Workplace harassment.
5) Lack of transparency in selecting suppliers
6) Illegal and improper use of company assets.
7) Manipulation of documents or false reporting.
8) Information security breaches.
9) Other illegal and unfair matters.
Informant protection principle:

1) The Company protects and supports informants based on the current law and regulations.
2) To invigorate reporting, we protect informants through secret guarantee, disadvantage prohibition, liability reduction in case of violations.
3) Department receives information do not disclose any information without the formal consent of the reporter as well as thoroughly protect the information of the reporter and related stakeholders.
4) The Company provides protection to all those who participated or cooperated in the investigation (i.e. make statements or testimony, provide proof and data, etc.)
5) In case the whistleblower or the person who participated or cooperated face disadvantage due to reporting or investigating, they may request support and protection. Then the Company will take the necessary actions to minimize the disadvantage.
6) In cases of voluntary reporting, the reporter may be lessened of his punishment despite of his violations.
7) When processing any personal data, the Whistleblowing department shall apply the principle of data minimization: the Whistleblowing center shall only process personal information that is adequate, relevant, and necessary for use in the current case.
8) Personal information is thoroughly protected until it is disposed of in accordance with the Company’s regulations and/or is destroyed in a non-recoverable manner according to related law and regulations.

Information can be sent to:
- Email: transparency@hyosung.com
- Hotline:+84 0828-946-056
Thank you!