Company Activities

Learn about Hyosung Vietnam's company activities
The formation and development process of Hyosung Co., Ltd. Vietnam:

Hyosung Vietnam Co., Ltd (HVC) is a company with 100 % foreign investment established under Investment Certificate No. 472043000143 by the Management Board of Dong Nai Industrial Zone on May 22nd, 2007 and located in Nhon Trach 5 Industrial Zone, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, with a total area of ​​68 hectares and more than 4,800 employees. Specialized in manufacturing Tire Cord Fabrics, Spandex, Nylon, and Polyester.

Since its establishment, Hyosung Vietnam Co., Ltd has constantly invested in infrastructure, training and developing their human resources, creating a firm basis for the development of Hyosung Vietnam. The company strictly complies with legal requirements.

With the professional dynamic working environment and good welfare regime, Hyosung Vietnam company has regularly held social welfare activities such as volunteering, taking care of people’s health and life, taking care of students and the community, checking-up for the poor, granting gifts to the poor, the blind, poor children, supporting the patients of Agent Orange, donating bicycles, building library for some elementary schools, donating hundreds of computers for secondary schools …

The People's Committee of Nhon Trach District/ Dong Nai province and Ministry of Planning & Investment also awarded Hyosung certificates for achievement of excellence in social activities in recent years.

On 06/04/2015 Hyosung corporation continued to invest in a new Hyosung Dong Nai Co. factory, located in the V Nhon Trach industrial Zone, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai province.

Since its establishment, the company has continually endeavoured to contribute to develop the economic - society in Nhon Trach and neighboring areas through charitable activities. The organizations and unions such as The Minister of Planning and Investment of Vietnam; Nhon Trach District People ‘s Committee; Dong Nai province Red Cross; KOCHAM Organization etc. have awarded the company a lot of merit to honor the tremendous dedication of Hyosung for local economic - society development.

Minister of Planning and Investment of Vietnam in year 2015

Since 2011 until now, Hyosung group have worked with KFHI charity organization (Korea) providing free medical examinations and the “Overseas Smile” program for students and people of neighboring areas. Training for pupil the way to brush and take care of their teeth. With dedicated and highly skilled Korean doctors, the enthusiastic and dynamic volunteers team and many clinics such as dentistry, internal medicine, external medicine, pediatric… The “Overseas Smile” program created trust for the leaders and local people. Every year, the company receives the enthusiastic support of about 1,500 people leaders and people applying for this program organized by the HVC.

The “Overseas Smile” program created trust for the leaders and local people

The “Overseas Smile” program created trust for the leaders and local people

Through philanthropy “Oversea Smile" activity selected some special disease cases with particular difficult family treatment without fee in Korea.

1) In 2013, the company had known a boy called Dinh Minh Tam who was 18 years old and was an orphan of An Lac Temple, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province.
An accident had left his right hand paralyzed for many years. As an orphan he gave up hope. Knowing the circumstance of this child, the company and KFHI organization have supported him to Korea for surgery and treatment, leading to recovery of function in his right hand in September 2014. After returning home, the child Tam continue to be treated by physiotherapy with completely free at Korean clinics in HCMC. Currently, he has been able to use his right hand nearly same as normal people, and now he does not need treatment and physiotherapy any more at the clinic.

A doctor detected Tam’s case can recover his hand function on charity medical examination in 2013.

2)In November 2015, the company supported surgery for function recovery for children Tran Duc Tai (18 years old, the younger brother of Tran Thi Kim Phuong (24 years, Human Resources employee of HVC).
Tai had traffic accident when he was 5 years old, causing brain injury and his left leg was bent that affected mobility. It has become too difficult for him to walk on his own feet. His family are poor and got more difficult when his father died from a traffic accident in 2010, that has made his dream are going out of reach. Not surrendering to fate, he enrolled in the class of graphic design, drawing in disability HCM city school, hoping to escape poverty and have a fuller life. Luck smiled on with him when HVC decided to support the disadvantaged who have relatives of company staff for surgery in Korea. Over one month surgery and physiotherapy treatment, his dream has become true, he can walk on his own feet. (Some pictures of children Tran Duc Tai surgery in Korea)

3) The “Oversea Smiles" program in 2015 completely changed the life of baby Pham Ngoc Huyen, 5 months old.
As the second child of young couple, the husband is a truck driver, he is working for a private enterprise and the wife takes care of two children at home. With a modest salary of a driver this only meets the minimum demand of life, not as lucky as his brother, the baby Huyen was born with a cleft palate. She cannot breast-fed but has to use the bottle dedicated to cleft children. Therefore, the health of the baby is also not guaranteed. Loving her, but so poor, the young couple just can be only looked at her and hope a miracle happens in their life.

Knowing the baby's family situation, in February 2016 HVC has support lips created by a baby surgeon in Korea. After surgery, the baby’s eating was easier. In the future, she will continue to be treated in Vietnam until completely recovered.

Huyen baby before surgery.

Huyen baby after surgery.

The benefit those less wheel off during Tet holiday every year, HVC organizes charitable activities such as donating gifts for the Blind Association, the Nursing Institute and the orphanage. Although the gift is small, it contains all the attention, and the goodwill of HVC for those who are less fortunate in society.

With the aim of creating learning, entertainment and access to modern technology for students, and expressed interest in contributing to the development of local education, from 2013 to now, the company has donated 266 computers to 09 secondary schools in Nhon Trach district

Picture of computers donated of HVC to Long Tho secondary school in Nhon Trach district in 2015

Picture of computers donated of HVC to Phuoc Thien secondary school in Nhon Trach district in 2014.

In 2015 HVC has also supported the upgrading of infrastructure and buying equipment such as computers, projectors, lights, fans, shelves and a lot of books, dictionaries to 02 libraries of Phuoc Thien 1 primary School and Long Tho primary school with a total cost more than USD 23,000.

Library of Long Tho primary school.

HVC desires to help people of Phuoc Khanh community in Nhon Trach District to have a road for travel convenience, prevent accidents in rainy season and contribute to stabilizing the lives of people, HVC has coordinated with the Nhon Trach Red Cross and the local people build concrete road 435m long, 2m wide, 0.5m high.

With social responsibility, HVC has contributed to develop economic and society in local and surrounding area through social activities; to develop human resources and to attract local talent contributing to strong growth of the HVC.