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Emotion thinking of spring


Hyosung has been investing in Viet Nam market for 10 years and is one of the top companies that take care of employees’ life and health as well as community. The care is followed in all business activities and production with organizing the charity regularly for people. Set up charity policies and programs to help and support humanity centers, Dioxin victims from “Agent Orange”, exame medical and give medicine without fee, support activities etc. for education departtment to people around Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province and others plances.

The details of activity were repairing and re-building the library with the new shelves, cupboards, books, projectors, computers, hundres of books with the different fields etc. in the Primary school at Phu Dong village, giving the big shelf of 900 on October, 2016. This is the forth library that Hyosung Company has donated for elementary school in Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai Province, Viet Nam country.

Besides, from 2013 to 2015, Hyosung Vietnam has installed 266 computers in some high school, continued installed 110 computers in Phuoc Thien, Long Tho, Phu Dong high school in The year of 2016, and maintained and repaired 90 computers at high schools for school.  Hyosung always supports good conditions for all the students and hopes the students study better today and tomorrow.

The final days of ending the lunar year and preparing for Tet long holiday, everyone is very busy with their jobs. But “for someone’s more unlucky life than mine”, Hyosung charity team has been continued doing. 19 January 2017 (22nd of the 12th lunar month), Hyosung’s charity combined Nhon Trach district’s Redcross to organize “Tet for every home” and “Tet for everyone” activity by giving 221 gifts for poor people at Phuoc Khach village, Nhon Trach’s blind, Phu Huu village’s single – the old.

Although, the past activities cound not help all people or community’s poor lives, they are encouraging for people and Hyosung employee’s pride.  Each charity activity is done with Directors’ hearts and persons in charge’s emotion because we think that one meaningful work is happiness. “Giving is receiving back”,  I ever heard it somewhere and for myself, I think it is right. I worked the charity activities with all my heart and I am happy for it (although I am quite tired sometimes). But I am sure that you are also happy like me when you see the happy smile from the blind, the old or the children and the poor people having tears welling up to get gifts from us. That are meaningful moments I cannot forget.