creora® eco-soft

creora® eco-soft provides soft feeling and whiter whiteness from low heat settable properties. creora® eco-soft enables heat setting at a low temperature compared to common spandex. It prevents yarn from yellowing, and improves hand-feel of fabrics in blends with a heat-sensitive materials. This yarn also offers excellent dimensional stability. In addition, manufacturers save cost by reduction of CO² emissions, or improve productivities by increasing the stenter speed in the heat setting process.
• Softer hand and drape with heat-sensitive fibers.

- Natural fiber : Cotton, Wool, Silk

- Regenerate fiber : Rayon, Modal®, Tencel®

- Synthetic fiber : Nylon, Acetate, Acryl

• Superior dimensional stability with less shrinkage.
• Less curling problem in higher gauge fabric(over 36G).
• Better molding performance.
• Better color shade & whiter white.
• Cost saving and improved productivity
End Use

Based on production of 10,000 T-shirts (or 10,000 yds of fabric) decreasing heat set temp. up to 15°C

250g/yd (4% spandex, 10g/yd) 100kg/10,000yds consumption

Saves 40ℓ of bunker C-oil

The burning of 40ℓ oil produces 0.12tons of CO²

Equal to 1a of 35year old cypress forest 6years CO² consumption